Canyoning is a sport which consists in walking down water canyons. The chosen streams are high slopes, have a low water flow of about 200 liters per second, and above all the banks are not easy to access.

Canyoners sum up all these features in the term “canyon”. The canyoners overtake the obstacles they can find in the canyons by using a variety of techniques such as free climbing or rapelling or sliding on the rocks.

Also Donnas has its canyons, which are judged suitable for canyoning, in particular there are two streams which have spiked ways and are used by canyoners: the Fer and the Borettaz. They are on the envers side (orografic right of the Dora Baltea) and they have a rich vegetation alongside and typical evocative waterfalls.

The areas of the streams are deserved by roads and tracks for those who want to get there by foot.

In 2009 the 9th International Meetin of Canyoning took place also in our territory and many canyoners travelled in our canyons.

To be remembered this is a hard sport and therefore improvisation is not allowed.


Associazione Italiana Canyoning


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