The Pramotton tower

On the right side of the Dora Baltea, on a rock towering the valley, the Pramotton Tower or Aviès Tower (that is d’avis, for sighting) overtops. It is an hexagonal massif tower with six battlements at the six corners, and it represents the first garrison coming from Canavese Valley. The entrance is 4 meters from the floor for safety reasons. There are also some traces of a defensive curtain wall. Because of the view offered from this site, it is known also as Tour de Bellegarde. It was probably used as a control point and as a visible link with the Pont-Saint-Martin and Bard castles. In fact it was guarded by armed men. Built in the XIII century by the Lords of Bard, whose fief was divided in 1214, after long exhausting fights between two brothers Ugo and Guglielmo, it became later, in 1242, a possession of Prince Amedeo IV of Aosta, thanks to the complicity of the Challant, the most powerful influential family of the Valley.

The Pramotton tower The Pramotton tower The Pramotton tower The Pramotton tower