Rock climbing

The Cliffs of Donnas are perfect for those who do sport climbing because they are easy to reach.

In the 90s have been opened some ways wich are considered technically smooth by the experts, with rocks presenting their original features, with no alterations due to the assault of the passionate climbers.


  • Il muro dei Biellesi (The Biellese wall)

Leaving Donnas towards Aosta, close to the Roman road and arch, by going up the stairs in the rock (track n. 6), it is possible to reach the lower sector after few meters and the higher sector after 5 more minutes.


  • La bistecca (The steak)

After Donnas towards Aosta, take the road leading to the village of Bard on which the steak lays; it is possible to reach the mission sector by going on.


  • Boia chi molla (Curse the one who quits)

From the national road towards Aosta, take the underpass which leads to the Outrefer hamlet. Leave the car on the parking lot just after the brige on the Fer stream and continue by foot. A dirt road, which runs along the motorway, goes uphill through the trees till a slab from where the very long and interesting track starts.

From Donnas, through the Albard hamlet, on the left orographic part, it is possible to reach also the homonym cliffs.

Rock climbing