Equipped area

The close woods of Chignas offers fresh and calm spots ideal for reading or just relaxing and it is also the favoured destination for people who love picnic and grilled food. In this striking landscape there is in fact an area equipped with a parking easy to access, 40 tables with banks (two for disabled) which can guest up to 250 persons. Everybody is the shade of centuries-old chestnut trees and close to tables there are 32 grills with already cut wood available; four fountains provide fresh water and there are also toilets. This area reaches out 2,5 hectares close to the Fer stream, which makes this landscape so striking that it charmed and guested a well-known personality of the Italian Risorgimento: Camillo Benso Count of Cavour. As young officer, he was relegated at the Fortress of Bard and he came here to relax. In order to witness his presence there is a votive commemorative stone on the border of this area, towards the residential zone of Montey.

Rates from 1st April to 30th September, every years

5,00 €/car (holiday and before a holiday)

10,00 €/table of the equipped area included tables placed by customers (holiday and before a holiday in April, June and September – every day in July and August).

Payments are due to town hall officers.

Manager of the equipped area: Ms Bosonin Germana

Ph. +39 333.9017439

Donnas Town Hall

Ph. +39 0125.804728


Equipped area Equipped area Equipped area